The cost of data breaches per incident 2021
(IBM and Ponenmon)
The estimated size of the cybersecurity market by 2028
(Yahoo Finance)
The number of cybercrime up 600% due to Covid-19 pandemic

Albany Investment: The UK Cyber Security Fund®

The UK Cyber Security Fund® aims to invest in companies with validated cyber security technology and capabilities that provide greater protection against rapidly increasing levels of cybercrime.
  • The Fund is a Guernsey-based, closed-end LP, advised by Albany Investment Limited ('Albany').
  • Albany is an experienced team of professionals in: cyber technology, military intelligence and private growth equity; and is supported by an active, seasoned Advisory Board. Collectively, Albany has a distinct advantage in assessing proprietary deal flow.
  • The Fund has an independent Board that overseas both corporate and investment activities.
  • The Fund is the first UK-based, cyber-focused Fund, providing a first mover advantage. The fund seeks to be both the first institutional investor and lead the Series 'A' funding round.
  • The fund takes advantage of the deeply fragmented market by: providing capital to innovative companies throughout the Cyber Security value chain, with proven capabilities as suppliers for government entities and law enforcement, expanding their markets and offerings beyond their original public sector vertical, and partnering them with other sector participants.